Why Nevada Medicare

We help people with Medicare plain and simple. Our services are always 100% free to you. No credit cards, no checks to write or any payments to us. Our mission is to help everyone not just find what’s affordable but mostly help you when issues arise during your coverage.

When you become a member through Nevada Medicare, you will be a part of our Customer Care Team. Our team knows more about Medicare than you can imagine. Our focus is to make everything easy for our existing clients after their health plans begin. Our purpose is that when issues or problems happen that are out of your control, you aren’t out there trying to figure out how to fix it on your own. Our customer care team will coach you through and get you connected with the right departments at either Medicare or your insurance company.

We have extensive training in the Medicare Arena such as Medicare appeals, claim research and resolution, drug exceptions, annual price check, and other important issues. There is far more information to know than just choosing the right plan. Most people do not understand the simple fact that, getting insurance is not the end but the beginning of events. We will provide you our expert help at during these times – when it really matters. We save our clients thousands of dollars by fixing claims issues, correcting mis-coded doctor bills, and helping our clients lower their rates on their Medicare plans.

We do not guarantee that you will always get the outcome you want, but we can guarantee that you will not be going through these issues alone.

Licensed and certified in Medicare, our Customer Care Team stands ready to help you with any topic. Remember our services are always free.

When you contact us or we meet with you, we go through 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Understanding You and your needs
  2. Explain in simple and plain terms how Medicare works
  3. Show you the lowest plan that fits You today
  4. Help you compare and enroll with the carrier of your choice
  5. Answer and help you with any issues you may have Today and most importantly Later.

Nevada Medicare’s team of knowledgeable, licensed customer care can provide you the right Medicare information, empowering you with Medicare Made Simple to make the right decisions about your health coverage without any obligation. Remember, our services are always FREE.

Our mission is to help everyone find affordable and the right Medicare coverage. If you’re uncertain of what type of Medicare coverage would best fit you, Call Us NOW.