Our Services Are Always 100% Free

Speak with a licensed agent: 702-840-1111

Our Services Are Always 100% Free

Speak with a licensed agent: 702-840-1111

About Nevada Care™

At Nevada Care™

We help everyone not just get on Medicare but mostly help you when issues come up during your coverage. We provide the help that you need after your coverage begins. Our services are always 100% free to you.

When issues or problems occur on your Medicare:

  • Social Security issues
  • Medicare / Medicaid issues
  • loss of your employer coverage
  • you are being charged with a penalty
  • you can no longer afford your medications
  • your doctors are not covered
  • you were dis-enrolled
  • you lost your status
  • you missed your enrollment period
  • a change in your medical condition
  • you were prescribed a medication that is not covered
  • need in-home personal care

There are many other issues that can happen or change every year during your coverage, you won’t need to figure it out or fix it alone. You’ll have a Senior Care Analyst to help you and lead the way to a solution.

Just look on TV or your mailbox and your phone – everyone wants to sign you up in a plan. There is far more information to know than just sign you up on a plan. Most beneficiaries do not understand the simple fact that, getting coverage is not the end but only the beginning. We will provide you our expert help during these times – when it really matters. You will always receive free support when you have issues on your Medicare.


Do you qualify to have your Medicare Part B premium paid for by the State? If you do, you will receive your $174.70 back into your Social Security check

Anyone can sign you up for a plan, but most leave you with having to call an 800 number to solve an issue or your questions unanswered. 

We help people fix their Medicare issues. Especially if you are already in Medicare, chances are we can save you a significant amount of money on what you already have.  We save beneficiaries thousands of dollars and headaches by helping them with issues, get the coverage they need and lower their rates when their Medicare plans change. If you have issues in your Medicare or you’re uncertain of your Medicare coverage, Contact US our services are always FREE.